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Title: Serological diagnosis of human brucellosis: analysis of seven cases with neurological and cardiological manifestations.
Authors: Katti, M K
Sarada, C
Sivasankaran, S
Shanmugham, J
Keywords: Microbiology
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: The Journal of communicable diseases
Citation: The Journal of communicable diseases. 33; 1; 36-43
Abstract: Serum Tube Agglutination (STA) test was used as routine test to detect antibrucellar antibodies in diagnosis of brucella infection in sera (n = 75) and CSF (n = 14) from 78 patients with neurological (n = 60) and cardiological (n = 15) complaints in whom brucellosis was suspected, over a period of two and a half years from January, 1997 to July 1999. Seven (neurological-six and cardiac-one) serum samples (9.33%) were positive by STA, while none of the CSFs were positive. STA titres ranged from 1:10 to 1:1280. We report the findings of these seven cases with neurological and cardiac manifestations in whom STA were found positive. Treatment was accomplished in two cases (neurological-one and cardiac-one), while remaining five cases either were treated empirically with antitubercular treatment or lost for follow up. However these reported cases should alert clinicians to investigate for Brucella infection in cases of pyrexia of unknown origin and this condition in cases of chronic meningitis with unproven aetiology.
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