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Title: Rheological behaviour of polyurethane prepolymers as potting compound for hollow fibre haemodialyzer
Authors: Lizymol, PP
Jayabalan, M
Keywords: Chemistry; Engineering
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: 4 ,2;89-93
Abstract: The effect of reaction conditions on the rheological behaviour of various polyurethane prepolymer as potting compound for fabrication of hollow fibre haemodialyzer has been studied by means of a Brookfield viscometer. Depending on the monomers used and reaction conditions, dilatant and pseudoplastic behaviour is noticed. Bulk polymerized prepolymers based on HDI/castor oil, SMDI/castor oil and HDI/polypropylene glycol exhibit pseudoplastic character, which are favourable for easy dispensibility, non-wicking and good dispersion in potting of hollow fibre.
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