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Title: Short term tissue response to carbon fibre: A preliminary in vitro and in vivo study
Authors: Mohanty, M
Kumary, TV
Lal, AV
Sivakumar, R
Keywords: Materials Science
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: 21 ,6;439-444
Abstract: Carbon in the form of pyrolytic carbon coating is used in a number of implantable medical devices. Carbon-reinforced carbon composite and other forms of diamond-like carbon coatings are being evaluated for their many potential biomedical applications. There is also a possibility of using carbon in fibre form. Though the possibility of using the fibre form of carbon in skeletal and dental implants has been recognized, a detailed study of tissue reaction to carbon fibre has not been reported so far. In this paper, we describe in vitro and irt vivo evaluation of carbon fibre in bone and muscle. Good cell and tissue biocompatibility of the material was observed in bone and muscle. New bone was present in contact with the fibres. Results of this study indicate that carbon fibre has potential in non-load bearing applications, such as skeletal repair and as ligament prosthesis.
URI: 10.1007/BF02790343
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