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Title: Sputum collection and disposal among pulmonary tuberculosis patients in coastal South India
Authors: Rekha, T
Singh, P
Unnikrishnan, B
Mithra, PP
Kumar, N
Prasad, KDV
Raina, V
Papanna, MK
Kulkarni, V
Keywords: Infectious Diseases; Respiratory System
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: 17 ,5;621-623
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Safe sputum disposal practices minimise the spread of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB). OBJECTIVES: To study the perceptions and practices of sputum disposal among PTB patients. METHODOLOGY: This study was conducted among 206 diagnosed sputum-positive TB patients registered in selected DOTS centres in Mangalore. RESULTS: Safe sputum disposal practice was followed by 50% of the subjects: it was higher among females (62%), patients of middle socio-economic status (75.5%) and those with a family history of TB (70%). Furthermore, 75% patients believed that TB was caused by several factors. CONCLUSIONS: High proportions of subjects were unaware about the causes of TB and did not practise safe disposal of sputum.
URI: 10.5588/ijtld.12.0495
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