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Title: Superoxide anions mediate proliferative response in cardiac fibroblasts
Authors: Preeta, R
Nair, RR
Keywords: Immunology; General & Internal Medicine; Research & Experimental Medicine
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: 111 ,;127-132
Abstract: The study was undertaken to examine whether superoxide anions mediate a proliferative response in cardiac fibroblasts. Cardiac fibroblasts isolated from newborn Wistar rats were exposed to superoxide anion generating system (hypoxanthine + xanthine oxidase) and its effect on cell growth was assessed. A stimulatory response on fibroblast proliferation was observed. The proportion of proliferating cells increased within 3 h of treatment compared to the control and the cell density after 96 h of exposure remained significantly high (P<0.0005). Inclusion of antioxidants neutralised the stimulatory response, fortifying the role of superoxide anions in cell proliferation. This observation indicates that superoxide anions can mediate a fibrotic reaction in the cardiac tissue.
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