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Title: Thermal studies: A comparison of the thermal properties of different oligomers by thermogravimetric techniques
Authors: Lizymol, PP
Keywords: Polymer Science
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: 93 ,2;977-985
Abstract: Thermal properties of conventional organic oligomers and organically modified ceramic hybrid materials (Ormoresin) were characterized and compared by using thermogravimetric techniques. Thermal properties were compared in terms of initial thermal decomposition temperature (T-0, which is the temperature at which 5% weight loss occurred), the temperature at which 50% weight loss occurred (T-50), and the percentage of residue remained at 600 degreesC. Organically modified ceramic resins are found to have improved thermal stability. It is also found that the type of inorganic material incorporated in organically modified ceramics resin (Ormoresin) has considerable influence on its thermal characteristics. (C) 2004 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
URI: 10.1002/app.20524
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