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Title: Parkinson's disease
Authors: Behari, M
Bhattacharyya, KB
Borgohain, R
Das, SK
Ghosh, B
Kishore, A
Krishnan, S
Mridula, KR
Muthane, U
Pal, PK
Sankhla, C
Shukla, G
Issue Date: Jul-2011
Publisher: Ann Indian Acad Neurol
Citation: Behari M, Bhattacharyya KB, Borgohain R, Das SK, Ghosh B, Kishore A, Krishnan S, Mridula KR, Muthane U, Pal PK, Sankhla C, Shukla G. Parkinson's disease. Ann Indian Acad Neurol. 2011 Jul;14(Suppl 1):S2-6.
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