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Title: Surgical Treatment of Levodopa-induced Dyskinesia in Parkinson's Disease
Authors: Krishnan, S
Pisharady, KK
Keywords: Deep brain stimulation; Parkinson's disease; levodopa-induced dyskinesia; pallidotomy
Issue Date: Sep-2017
Publisher: Ann Indian Acad Neurol.
Citation: Krishnan S, Pisharady KK. Surgical Treatment of Levodopa-induced Dyskinesia in Parkinson's Disease. Ann Indian Acad Neurol. 2017 JulSep;20(3):199-206.
Abstract: The treatment of motor manifestations of Parkinson's disease (PD) is essentially a trade-off between adequate relief of motor symptoms and prevention and control of motor complications, particularly levodopa-induced dyskinesia (LID). Progression of PD is paralleled by a progressive difficulty in achieving the balance. Functional neurosurgical procedures provide sustained relief of LID in carefully selected patients when further tailoring of medical therapy fails to achieve this goal. Though deep brain stimulation (DBS) has superseded lesioning surgeries, pallidotomy still has a role in those patients in whom DBS is not feasible for financial or other reasons.
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