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Title: Central lineassociated bloodstream infection: A study on creating awareness about specimen collection
Authors: Raja, Kavita
Bridget, Gracyamma
Keywords: CLA-BSI, Methods of collection, Specimen
Issue Date: Jan-2018
Publisher: Journal of Patient Safety and Infection Control
Citation: Raja Kavita, Bridget Gracyamma. Central lineassociated bloodstream infection: A study on creating awareness about specimen collection. Journal of Patient Safety and Infection Control. 2017; 5 (2):78-81.
Abstract: Background: Central line associated Blood stream infection(CLA-BSI) is a hospital acquired infection that is often missed. In a patient on a central line, culture of peripheral blood along with a sample of blood taken through the CL or CL tips is imperative, for a better laboratory diagnosis of CLA-BSI. Aim: (1) To compare the number of CLA- BSI detected in 2010 with the number in 2012 after the awareness campaign was conducted in 2011. (2) To compare specimen collection in different units and formulate strategies for improvement. Methods: Using the laboratory information network, the number of cannula tips and blood cultures sent for culture in 2010 was taken. An intensive campaign to detect CLA-BSI, was initiated in 2011 by the Infection Control Team. The total number of CLA-BSI detected in 2010 was then compared with the number in 2012 after this campaign. Results: A total of 158 cannula tips were sent for culture during the year 2010, while in 2012, 276 cannula tips were sampled. In 2010, while incomplete sampling occurred in 39%, this was reduced to 33% in 2012. Number of correctly diagnosed CLA-BSI increased from 13 to 27 cases in 2012. Conclusion: The campaign has led to detection of more correctly defined CLA-BSI and hence, continuing the training in sending samples is essential to collect the correct data of CLA-BSI. The case studies included show the benefits of correctly identifying such infections.
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