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Title: Preparation and characterization of cholecystic extracellular matrix powder forms for biomedical applications
Authors: Raj, R
Anilkumar, TV
Rajan, A
Issue Date: Jul-2018
Publisher: Biomedical physics and engineering express
Citation: Raj R, Anilkumar TV, Rajan A. Preparation and characterization of cholecystic extracellular matrix powder forms for biomedical applications. Biomedical physics and engineering express. 2018 Jul; 4(04708)
Abstract: Biological scaffold materials derived from extracellular matrices (ECM) of mammalian organs and tissues have been extensively used in various clinical applications. Thin sheets of cholecystic extracellular matrix (C-ECM) have been used for tissue engineering applications like graft-assisted wound healing. However, the use of two dimensional forms of any ECM-based biomaterials has inherent limitations with regard to three dimensional shape/form and clinical utility. On the other hand, powder form of ECM provides a great deal more flexibility in terms of delivery of the biomaterial to the target sites. Considering this, two candidate C-ECM powder forms were prepared by conventional freeze milling either with or without salt precipitation and biomaterial properties were evaluated. Biomaterial properties of these powder forms were analyzed by Differential light scattering, Environmental scanning electron microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction. Selected biomolecular contents were estimated in these powder forms in addition to their cytotoxicity potential. The powder form prepared by salt precipitation method resulted in particles with low particle size (344.5 ± 1.61 nm) appropriate for a clinical form. It retained the major biomolecular composition of the C-ECM and did not cause cytotoxicity to L-929 cells. The study identified salt precipitation method for preparing particulate form of C-ECM that retained the original biomolecular composition.
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