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Title: A dual signal on-off fluorescent nanosensor for the simultaneous detection of copper and creatinine
Authors: Nair, RV
Parvathy, RS
Jayasree, RS
Keywords: Multianalyte sensor; Analytes; Quantum dots; Fluorescence; Quenchin
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Materials Science and Engineering : C
Citation: Nair RV,Parvathy RS, Jayasree RS. A dual signal on-off fluorescent nanosensor for the simultaneous detection of copper and creatinine. Materials Science and Engineering: C. 2019 Dec:11059
Abstract: The transition of conventional medicine to personalized medicine has paved the roadand need for the sensing of newer biomolecules. Hence, this area has attracted wide interestrecently, due to its capacity to provide information on point of care basis. Multi-analytedetection sensors have emerged recently as they can offer the opportunity to perform quickand affordable analysis with minimum blood sample, as compared to traditional sensing ofeach analytes individually. The present study focuses on the development of a quantum dot(Qd) based nanosensor for the simultaneous detection of copper and creatinine; twobiologically relevant molecules. The sensor was designed by forming a complex of Qd withEthyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl) carbodiimide (EDC) and picric acid through carboxylic bond formation of Qd-EDC with picric acid. The dual independent emissions of the Qd-EDCcomplex was used for the simultaneous detection of creatinine and copper by a turn on/turnoff method and was successfully demonstrated with a sensitivity of nanomolar to millimolar,and micromolar to millimolar range respectively. The multianalyte sensor thus developed hasquick response and works well under normal conditions of temperature and pH. It is alsoshown to work in cellular environment and blood serum. A mobile App based detection ofcreatinine using the developed sensor strips has also been attempted and validated withhuman blood samples
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