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Title: Chitra Ultraviolet C Based Facemask Disposal Bin
Authors: Neelakandan, SN
Sukesan, A
Jerard, J
Uthaman, VP
Vasudevan, VD
Sarojini Amma, PK SP
Nandkumar, M
Muraleedharan CV, CV
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering
Citation: Neelakandan S N., Sukesan A., Jerard J., Uthaman, V P, Vasudevan, V D., Sarojini Amma, PK SP, Nandkumar, M .and Muraleedharan CV Chitra Ultraviolet C Based Facemask Disposal Bin. Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering. 2020;5:305-313
Abstract: Used face masks are hazardous waste and must be discarded immediately upon removal. Instead of throwing used masks into the disposal bin, disinfecting the masks is essential to break the chain of infection spread. The development of this device was attempted for COVID-19 management, with the following focus: (1) solution which have sufficient science background established so that extensive experimental validation need not be attempted during the lockdown period in India. (2) Provide solution which could be replicated with local resources and minimum material movement. Therefore, in response to the pressing societal demand we designed, prototyped, verified and validated an UV-C-based multipurpose disinfection device. The device after safety and efficacy evaluation as per the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines for novel COVID-19 solutions, received Central Drugs Control Standard Organization (CDSCO) registration as non-notified medical device for commercialization.
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