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Title: Chitra Disinfection Gateway for the Management of COVID 19 in Public Entry Places
Authors: Krishnan, J
Subhash, NN
Muraleedharan, CV
Mohanan, PV
Nandakumar, M
Neethu, S
Rethnagireeshwar, R
Issue Date: Jul-2020
Publisher: Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering
Citation: Krishnan J,. Subhash NN, Muraleedharan CV, Mohanan PV, Nandakumar M, Neethu S & Rethnagireeshwar R. Chitra Disinfection Gateway for the Management of COVID 19 in Public Entry Places . Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering. 2020;July 4 :1-6
Abstract: Chitra Disinfection Gateway is meant for the decontamination of personnel entering a cleaner private space from a public space. This is equipped with an arrangement for generating hydrogen peroxide mist and ultraviolet rays. Hydrogen peroxide mist will decontaminate clothes, hands and the bags a person carries. The ultraviolet system will decontaminate the chamber once the person has moved out. The system is controlled electronically by sensors and actuators. The sensors fixed in the chamber detect the entry of a person and initiates the hydrogen peroxide atomization process. The person is required to walk through the chamber. When the person exits the chamber, the system will put off the hydrogen peroxide atomization system and will turn on the UV lamp inside the chamber to decontaminate it. The ultraviolet system will be ON for a predefined time and after the process, the next person can enter the walkway. The whole process takes a maximum of 40 s. The safety and efficacy of the system have been validated experimentally through both in vivo and in vitro studies.
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