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Title: Prospective observational study of outcomes of different transcranial approaches for craniopharyngiomas
Authors: Jaypalsinh Gohil
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: SCTIMST
Abstract: Craniopharyngioma: “One would expect these congenital epithelial tumors to be capable of enucleation like Dermoid cysts elsewhere in the body, but they so definitely adhere to the adjacent structures neighboring on their place of origin, it is rarely possible to shell them out of their bed without the production of serious secondary symptoms. To be sure, one may occasionally succeed in stripping out a thin-walled cyst, and examples of this have been reported, but when the tumor is partly solidified, and calcareous, sad experience warns the surgeon to leave it pretty much alone.” Harvey Cushing, 1932. (1) “Though this tumor is still an ominous disease, it seems fair to say, that the outlook has improved considerably.” (2) Craniopharyngiomas are rare CNS tumors defined by WHO as benign, partly cystic epithelial tumor of the sellar region presumably derived from Rathke’s pouch epithelium. While it is benign in nature, the adhesion to surrounding structures may result in damage to sellar and parasellar tissues during surgery and hence it is called “Benign Tumor in a malignant location.” (3) However due to introduction of hormonal therapy has allowed optimal correction endocrinal deficiency, and improvement in radiation and microsurgical techniques have improved survival enormously, it is the quality of survival that has become real challenges. The results of the published studies of neuropsychological outcome in children are often conflicting and controversial. However surgical approaches of craniopharyngioma need to be addressed with regards to neuropsychological outcome. This study serves the above mentioned purpose.
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