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Title: Impact of Nanoparticles in Balancing the Ecosystem
Authors: Anju, S
Mohanan, PV
Keywords: nanoparticles; environmental fate; hazards; nanowaste; ecosystem balance.
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: Biointerface Research in applied Chemistry
Citation: Anju S, Mohanan PV. Impact of Nanoparticles in Balancing the Ecosystem. Biointerface Research in applied Chemistry. 2021;June;11(3):10461-10481
Abstract: Nanotechnology has contributed enormous breakthroughs in various scientific and engineering disciplines, from basic researches to advanced product development. Rapid advancements in nanotechnology have accomplished a great quantum leap in the areas of medicine, environment, agriculture, and renewable energy. As a result, there has been a growing interest to substitute conventional materials with nanomaterials in almost all scientific disciplines globally. This economic success has left behind the possibilities of critical adverse effects these materials can impart to the environment and its dependants. Several debates were ongoing worldwide on the effect of nanoparticle released metal ions and their subsequent toxicological impacts. It’s been anticipated that the increased application of nanoparticles will lead to abrupt unchecked emission of the same into various environmental strata. Therefore, despite these emerging advancements, the potential adverse effects these nanotechnological researchers can put forward also need a thorough investigation. This review article has highlighted the currently employed applications of engineered nanoparticles in agriculture technology and environmental restoration, adverse effects of its exposure to environmental flora and fauna, ecosystem toxicity, and related issues.
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