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Title: Unusual coarctation-the PHACE syndrome: report of three cases.
Authors: Bijulal, Sasidharan
Sivasankaran, Sivasubramanian
Krishnamoorthy, Kavassery M
Titus, Thomas
Tharakan, Jaganmohan A
Krishnamanohar, Soman R
Keywords: Cardiology
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Congenital heart disease
Citation: Congenital heart disease. 3; 3; 205-8
Abstract: OBJECTIVES: To report the clinical features, nature of vasculopathy observed and the management instituted in three cases of PHACE syndrome.RESULTS: All three patients were noted to have diffuse vasculopathy and aortic arch hypoplasia in addition to aortic coarctation adding substantial surgical risk or making surgery palliative.CONCLUSION: PHACE syndrome should be considered in the differential diagnosis of aortic coarctation associated with aortic arch hypoplasia.
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