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Title: Ventricular septal rupture following myocardial infarction. Long-term survival of patients who did not undergo surgery. Single-centre experience.
Authors: Sivadasan Pillai, Harikrishnan
Tharakan, Jaganmohan
Titus, Thomas
Kumar, Ajith
Sivasubramonian, Sivasankaran
Krishnamoorthy, Kavassery Mahadevan
Dora, Santhosh
Nair, Krishnakumar
Namboodiri, Narayanan
Keywords: Cardiology
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Acta cardiologica
Citation: Acta cardiologica. 60; 4; 403-7
Abstract: Long-term survival is rare in patients not undergoing surgery after post-myocardial infarction ventricular septal rupture. We report our experience of seven patients out of 27, who did not undergo surgery and were followed up for a mean period of 2.8 years. They were evaluated after a mean period of 2.2 months after infarction in our centre. The septal defects measured 9.8 mms on average and the mean left-to-right shunt ratio was 1.98: 1. The mean pulmonary artery, right atrial and left ventricular end diastolic pressures were 28.3 +/- 10.6, 4 +/- 3 and 15.8 +/- 4.8 mm Hg, respectively. Only three out of seven patients had LV aneurysm and all patients had single-vessel disease. Smaller defect size, minimal left-to-right shunt and preserved right ventricular function may be the factors responsible for long-term survival.
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