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Title: Women with onset of epilepsy prior to marriage: Disclose or conceal?
Authors: Santosh, Deetha
Kumar, T. Santosh
Sarma, P. Sankara
Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
Keywords: Neurology
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: EPILEPSIA
Citation: EPILEPSIA. 48; 5; 1007-1010
Abstract: We inquired reasons for concealment/disclosure of the history of epilepsy during marriage negotiations and marriage outcomes of 82 consecutive women attending a tertiary referral center based epilepsy clinic in Kerala, southern India. At the time of marriage, 55% concealed and 45% disclosed the history of epilepsy. Majority of those who concealed admitted that they did so fearing breakup of marriage negotiations, and majority of those who disclosed did so to forestall the consequences after marriage of concealing. Compared to those who disclosed, the prevalence of divorce, separation and disturbed marriages were significantly higher among those who concealed. Honest prospective communication during marriage negotiations about epilepsy is important for preserving subsequent married life.
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