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Title: A dot-immunobinding assay (dot-Iba) for rapid diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis.
Authors: Sumi, M G
Mathai, A
Reuben, S
Radhakrishnan, V V
Sasikumar, S
Jayapal, V
Felix, J
Keywords: Laboratory Diagnosis
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Indian journal of experimental biology
Citation: Indian journal of experimental biology. 39; 10; 984-8
Abstract: IgG antibody to Mycobacterium tuberculosis from the sera of patients with 'definite' pulmonary tuberculosis (PT) was isolated and coupled with Cyanogen bromide-Sepharose 4B. Using an immunoabsorbent affinity chromatography, 14 kDa antigen was recovered from the culture filtrates of M. tuberculosis. With this mycobacterial antigen, a dot immunobinding assay (Dot-Iba) was developed for the detection of specific antibody to M. tuberculosis in the sera of patients with PT and controls. The assay gave positive results in all the 12 sputum-smear positive [acid fast bacilli (AFB)] patients with PT and gave negative results in the 50 sera from control groups. The Dot-Iba as described in this study, is simple, rapid and specific for laboratory diagnosis of PT.
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