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Title: Operational research of workload using time and motion of health workers in Kerala
Authors: Kannan, S
Sarma, PS
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: IEEE Conference Publications
Citation: IEEE Conference Publications. doi: 10.1109/BMEI.2012.6513045. 2013
Abstract: Public health employs women workforce in larger numbers. The success of health depends on those workers. There is a different aspect of job allocation in delivering services. Studies show health workers specifically nurses are burdened with workload. The present paper is a study on time and motion of two activities health workers. Methodology: Time and motion of two of the daily activities of the public health nurses to understand the workload. Findings: The mean of the time spent on walking from the sub-centre to the field was about 13 minutes while, mean time spent on walking within a field area was about 4 minutes. The overall mean time spent on service delivery was little above 2 minutes. In case of immunization, the mean time spent on registration was less than a minute, while the time spent for immunization was about a minute. However, they had to wait for longer duration for the beneficiaries to arrive. Conclusion: For an efficient service delivery there should be a good connectivity for the nurses to reach the field in lesser duration. For better immunization services, the system needs to focus on health promotion to attract the beneficiaries.
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