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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2020Generation of niche tuned antifibrotic fibroblasts and non-viral mediated endothelial commitment using adipose stem cells for dermal graft developmentAmita, A; Rashmi, R; Santhoshkumar, TR; Manesh, S; Lissy, KK
Apr-2020Human-Derived Scaffold Components and Stem Cells Creating Immunocompatible Dermal Tissue Ensuing Regulated Nonfibrotic Cellular PhenotypesRashmi, R; Harikrishnan, VS; Arya, A; Sabareeswaran, A; Prashanth, V; Manesh, S; Lissy, KK
May-2020Dextran stabilized fullerene soot induced toxicity on alveolar epithelial cells (A549 cells)Athira, SS; Biby, ET; Mohanan, PV
May-2020Injectable selfcrosslinking hydrogels for meniscal repair: A study with oxidized alginate and gelatinResmi, R; Parvathy, J; John A, A; Joseph, R
May-2020Effect of surface modified reduced graphene oxide nanoparticles on cerebellar granule neuronsCherian, RS; Ashtami, J; Mohanan, PV
May-2020Optically Controlled Hybrid Metamaterial of Plasmonic Spiky Gold Inbuilt Graphene Sheets for Bimodal Imaging Guided Multimodal TherapyJibin, K; Prasad, J; Saranya, G; Shenoy, SJ; Maiti, KK; Jayasree, RS
May-2020A cholecystic extracellular matrix-based hybrid hydrogel for skeletal muscle tissue engineeringRaj, R; Sobhan, PK; Kanakarajan, V; Pratheesh, KV; Anilkumar, TV
Apr-2020Semi-Supervised Nonnegative Matrix Factorization of Wide-Field Fluorescence Microscopic Images for Tissue DiagnosisSoman, SM; Rekha, CRP; Santhakumar, H; Narendrakumar, U; Jayasree, RS
Jun-2020Vanadium pentoxide nanoplates: Synthesis, characterization and unveiling the intrinsic antibacterial activitySuma, PRP; Nair, RV; Paul, W; Jayasree, RS
Feb-2020Potential Skin Substitute of Biomimetic Proteins and Terpolymer with Proven Immuno-Compatible and Biodegradable PropertiesRamakrishnan, R; Mohanan, PV; Krishnan, LK
Mar-2020Effect of polymer functionalized fullerene soot on C6 glial cellsAthira, SS; Biby, TE; Mohanan, PV
Jan-2020Complicity of degradable polymers in health-care applicationsAnju, S; Prajitha, N; Sukanya, VS; Mohanan, PV
Jan-2020Toxicity of dextran stabilized fullerene C60 against C6 Glial cellsBiby, TE; Prajitha, N; Ashtami, J; Sakthikumar, D; Maekawa, T; Mohanan, PV
Jan-2020Determination of the bioavailability of zinc oxide nanoparticles using ICP-AES and associated toxicitySudhakaran, S; Athira, SS; Suresh Babu, S; Varma, HK; Mohanan, PV
Jan-2020Organ distribution and biological compatibility of surfacefunctionalized reduced graphene oxideCherian, RS; Anju, S; Paul, W; Sabareeswaran, A; Mohanan, PV
Dec-2019Conformity of dextrancoated fullerene C70 with L929 fibroblast cells. Colloids and SurfacesAshtami, J; Anju, S; Mohanan, PV
Dec-2019A dual signal on-off fluorescent nanosensor for the simultaneous detection of copper and creatinineNair, RV; Parvathy, RS; Jayasree, RS
Dec-2019PEG grafted chitosan scaffold for dual growth factor delivery for enhanced wound healingVijayan, A; Sabareeswaran, A; Kumar, GSV
Nov-2019Luminescent Gold Nanorod to enhance the NIR emission of Photosensitizer for Targeted Cancer Imaging and Dual therapy: Experimental and Theoretical Approach.Nair, RV; Nair, LV; Govindachar, DM; Santhakumar, H; Nazeer, SS; Rekha, CR; Shenoy, SJ; Periyasamy, G; Jayasree, RS
Nov-2019Effect of Surface Modified Fullerene C70 on the ROS Production and Cellular Integrity Using Chinese Hamster Ovarian CellsAnju, S; Ashtami, J; Mohanan, PV
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3366