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dc.contributorAshalatha, R-
dc.contributorMoosa, A-
dc.contributorGupta, A K-
dc.contributorKrishna Manohar, S R-
dc.contributorSandhyamani, S-
dc.identifier.citationNeurology India. 53; 2; 216-8en_US
dc.description.abstractAtrial myxomas are the most common primary tumors of the heart. Neurologic involvement usually occurs as a stroke with ischemic episodes. Following excision of cardiac myxomas, delayed neurologic events owing to aneurysms are rare and have not been reported from India. We report an operated case of left atrial myxoma. The patient initially presented with a stroke and 6 months after the surgery, developed multiple intracerebral hemorrhages due to the rupture of fusiform cerebral aneurysms, without recurrence of the cardiac tumor.-
dc.publisherNeurology India-
dc.titleCerebral aneurysms in atrial myxoma: a delayed, rare manifestation.-
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