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Title: Graphene: A multifaceted nanomaterial for cutting edge biomedical application
Authors: Cherian, RS
Mohanan, PV
Issue Date: Feb-2015
Publisher: Int J Med Nano Res. 2014;1(1).
Citation: Cherian RS, Mohanan PV. Graphene: A multifaceted nanomaterial for cutting edge biomedical application. Int J Med Nano Res. 2014;1(1)
Abstract: Graphene, a discrete class of nanomaterial, has come into the limelight after its discovery in 2004. Its unique physico-chemical characteristics like electrical, optical, thermal properties and high mechanical strength has piqued the curiosity of the scientific community worldwide. These properties have been utilized for innovative and novel applications in the field of nanoelectronics and biomedicine. The review focuses on the opportunities and prospects of graphene in biomedical field mainly drug and gene delivery, photo thermal therapy, tissue engineering, bioimaging and sensing
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