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Title: Reducing Health Risk Factors in Workplaces of Low and Middle-Income Countries
Authors: Anthony, D
Dyson, PA
Lv, J
Thankappan, KR
Fernandez, MMT
Matthews, DR
Keywords: community interventions, diet, noncommunicable disease, obesity, physical activity, tobacco, workpla
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: Public Health Nursing
Citation: Anthony D, Dyson PA, Lv J, Thankappan KR, Fernandez MMT, Matthews DR. Reducing Health Risk Factors in Workplaces of Low and Middle-Income Countries. Public Health Nursing.2015. .
Abstract: Objective: To reduce risk factors in workplace settings in low- and middle-income countries. Design and Sample: Workplace interventions were utilized as part of the Community Interventions for Health program, a nonrandomized, controlled study undertaken in three communities in China, India, and Mexico. Exactly, 45 industrial, 82 health and 101 school workplace settings with a target population of 15,726. Two independent cross-sectional surveys of workers were conducted at baseline and follow-up, after 18–24 months of intervention activities. Measures: Culturally appropriate interventions to reduce tobacco use, increase physical activity, and improve dietary intake were delivered in the intervention areas. Results: Exactly, 12,136 adults completed surveys at baseline, and 9,786 at follow-up. In the intervention group, the prevalence of tobacco use reduced significantly in men ( 6.0%, p < .001) and the proportion eating five portions of fruit and vegetables daily increased (+6.9%, p < .001) compared with the control group. There were no significant differences between the groups for changes in physical activity or prevalence of overweight. Conclusions: Workplace interventions improved risk factors in China, India, and Mexico.
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