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Title: Changing the debate about health research for development
Authors: Abrahams, N
Adhikari, R
Bhagwat, IP
Christofides, N
Djibuti, M
Dyalchand, A
Gotsadze, G
Grzmava, O
Huertas, LL
Jacobs, T
Jewkes, R
Kapadia-Kundu, N
Karnikowski, MG
Kimboka, S
Kitua, AY
Lens, JU
Lopez, A
Lugina, H
Mashalla, Y
Mishra, A
Mishra, SK
Mlay, R
Moreno, MJ
Mpanda, S
Mwanga, F
Ndossi, G
Nigenda, G
Nkwera, A
Nobrega, OT
Pahari, SK
Paz, SA
Phoolchareon, W
Ramachandran, P
Rannan-Eliya, RP
Rodrigues, KG
Salazar, A
Sarma, PS
Shija, J
Silver, LD
Tatsanavivat, P
Thankappan, KR
Tuesta, AJ
Vasadze, O
Velez, AC
Webster, N
Yesudian, CA
Keywords: Public Health
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Journal of Public Health Policy
Citation: J Public Health Policy. 25;3-4;259-87
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