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Title: Extremophilic polysaccharide nanoparticles for cancer nanotherapy and evaluation of antioxidant properties
Authors: Sreejith, R
Vivekanandan, P
Yutaka, N
Takahiro, F
Seiki, I
Toshiaki, H
Toru, M
Yasushi, S
Mohanan, PV
Toru, Maekawa
Sakthikumar, D
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules.
Citation: . Sreejith R, Vivekanandan P, Yutaka N, Takahiro F, Seiki I, Toshiaki H, Toru M, Yasushi S, Mohanan PV, Toru Maekawa, D. Sakthikumar. Extremophilic polysaccharide nanoparticles for cancer nanotherapy and evaluation of antioxidant properties. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 2015;76:310-399
Abstract: tPolysaccharides that show finest bioactivities and physicochemical properties are always promising forbionanoscience applications. Mauran is such a macromolecule extracted from halophilic bacterium,Halomonas maura for biotechnology and nanoscience applications. Antioxidant properties of MR/CHnanoparticles were studied using biochemical assays to prove the versatility of these test nanoparti-cles for biomedical applications. Here, we demonstrate the prospects of extremophilic polysaccharide,mauran based nanoparticles for scavenging reactive oxygen species in both in vitro and ex vivo conditions.5-fluorouracil loaded MR/CH nanoparticles were tested for anticancer proliferation and compared theirtherapeutic efficiency using breast adenocarcinoma and glioma cells. Fluorescently labeled nanoparticleswere employed to show the cellular uptake of these nanocarriers using confocal microscopic imaging andflow cytometry.
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