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Title: Clinical course after mitral valve replacement.
Authors: Rao, S
Kurian, V M
Ghosh, M
Sankarkumar, R
Mohansingh, M P
Valiathan, M S
Keywords: Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Issue Date: 1990
Publisher: Indian heart journal
Citation: Indian heart journal. 42; 5; 335-9
Abstract: Two hundred and fifty patients underwent mitral valve replacement for rheumatic valvular disease during a 9-year period from January 1979 to December 1987. A maximum period of follow-up of 10 years and minimum of 1 year was achieved with a mean duration of 4.4 years. The follow-up covered 921 out of a possible 1006 patient-years and was 91.5 per cent complete. Of the patients, 58 (23.2%) were in class II, 145 (58%) were in class III and 47 (18.8%) belonged to class IV. The early mortality for patients in Class II, III and IV was 8.6 per cent, 15.8 per cent and 31.9 per cent respectively and the 3, 5 and 10 years actuarial survival rates for the entire group were 93 per cent, 87 per cent and 70 per cent. The event-free survival rates at the same intervals were 77 per cent, 63 per cent and 57 per cent respectively. Late deaths occurred in 18 (9.5%) of the patients. Twelve of these (66.6%) could be directly ascribed to a valve-related cause.
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