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Title: Toxicokinetics and biodistribution of dextran stabilized iron oxide nanoparticles in rats.
Authors: Easo, SL
Neelima, R
Mohanan, PV
Keywords: nanoparticles, iron oxide, intravenous, biodistribution, systemic toxicity, pathology
Issue Date: Oct-2015
Publisher: Mater. Res. Express.
Citation: S L Easo SL, Neelima R, Mohanan PV. Toxicokinetics and biodistribution of dextran stabilized iron oxide nanoparticles in rats. Mater. Res. Express. 2015;2(7).
Abstract: Dextran stabilized iron oxide nanoparticles (DIONPs) synthesized and characterized for hyperthermia application were tested for toxicokinetics and biodistribution in order to analyze the prospect of safety and biocompatibility of these particles for advanced use. Rats were administered a single dose of DIONPs at a concentration of 10 mg kg−1 by intravenous injection with a post-exposure period of 1, 7, 14 and 28 days. Liver, spleen, kidney, blood, urine and feces were examined for iron content by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy. At 24 h, greater amounts of nanoparticles were deposited in liver and spleen. Maximum absorption of iron in blood occurred at day 7 and excess iron appeared to be eliminated by liver, seemingly via biliary excretion. Serum hematology and biochemistry analysis revealed an overall lack of systemic toxicity due to metabolism of DIONPs. Additionally, pathological changes associated with repeated exposure to DIONPs with a post exposure period of 28 days were also assessed. Although no significant pathological alterations were seen in spleen or kidney, slight morphological deviations from normal were observed in liver. Further progression in the analysis of biological response towards DIONPs will be determined in long-term studies in the presence of an alternating magnetic field in the context of hyperthermia application.
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