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Title: In vitro characterization of differently processed decellularised bovine pericardium
Authors: Suvaneeth, P
Divakaran, NN
Ramachandra, UP
Narayanan, N
Abraham, MJ
Divya, C
Martin, J
Keywords: pericardium, bovine, decellularisation, in vitro characterisation
Issue Date: Aug-2016
Publisher: J Livestock Science
Citation: Suvaneeth P, Divakaran N N, Ramachandra U P, Narayanan N, Abraham M J, Divya C Martin J. In vitro characterization of differently processed decellularised bovine pericardium. J Livestock Science. 2015;7:13-18
Abstract: The efficacy of two different in vitro protocols for the decellularisation of bovine pericardium has been evaluated in this experiment. The pericardia were decellularised using a non-detergent based proprietary enzymatic protocol and a biodetergent (deoxycholic acid) based new protocol. The in vitro characterisation to estimate the in vivo stability was done using histological characterisation, residual DNA analysis, uniaxial tensile testing, contact angle measurement and collagenase susceptibility. The results indicated that the newr detergent based protocol was equally effective in inducing decellularisation and produce similar in vitro characteristics as in enzymatically processed pericardium, and hence can be used for in vivo evaluation and experimental studies.
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