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Mar-2023Enriched adipose stem cell secretome as an effective therapeutic strategy for in vivo wound repair and angiogenesis.Ajit, A; Santhosh Kumar, TR; Harikrishnan, VS; Anil, A; Sabareeswaran, A; Krishnan, LK
Feb-2023Blood brain barrier-on-a-chip to model neurological diseasesReshma, S; Megha, KB; Amir, S; Rukhiya, S; Mohanan, PV
Oct-2022Solvothermal exfoliation assisted synthesis of transition metal dichalcogenide based tungsten disulphide quantum dots (WS2 QDs) and cellular QD-bio interaction in LN-229 human glioblastoma cellsAnju, S; Mohanan, PV
Sep-2022A versatile approach for temporary storage and shipping of in vitro cultured cells, cell sheets and tissue engineered constructs – a preliminary reportAnju, MS; Athira, RK; Ramesh Babu, V; Anil Kumar, PR; Kasoju, N
Aug-2022A nanoarchitecture of a gold cluster conjugated gold nanorod hybrid system and its application in fluorescence imaging and plasmonic photothermal therapyNair, RV; Puthiyaparambath, MF; Chatanathodi, R; Nair, LV; Jayasree, RS
Aug-2022Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles in the Management of COVID19-Associated Lung Injury: A Review on Publications, Clinical Trials and Patent LandscapeAnand, Krishnan; Muthusamy, S; Fernandez, FB; Kasoju, N
May-2022Copper(ii) salen-based complexes as potential anticancer agentsMohan, N; Vidya, CV; Vasudevan, S; Jimna, MA; Kasoju, N; Mohanan, PV; Sreejith, SS; Prathapachandra Kurup, MR
Dec-2022DEAE- Cellulose-based composite hydrogel for 3D printing application: Physicochemical, mechanical, and biological optimizationRathina, Vel; Bhatt, A; Priyanka, A; Gauthaman, A; Anilkumar, V; Safeena, AS; Kartha, RS
Sep-2022Furthering the Medical Devices Sector in IndiaPrajapati, AK
Sep-2022Mesenchymal stem cell culture in aligned porous hydroxyapatite scaffolds using a multiwell plate bioreactor for bone tissue engineeringGayathry, G; Athira, RK; Anju, MS; Anil Kumar, PR; Harikrishna Varma, PR; Kasoju, N; Komath, M
Aug-2022Optically Clear Silk Fibroin Films with Tunable Properties for Potential Corneal Tissue Engineering Applications: A Process–Property–Function Relationship StudyBeena, M; Ameer, JM; Kasoju, N
Sep-2021A Novel pacing option in patients with endomyocardial fibrosis: A case seriesSundaram, C; Kartik, VS; Namboodiri, N; Ajitkumar, VK
May-2022Cytocompatibility of Pluronics F-127 on adenocarcinomic human alveolar basal epithelial cells (A549 cells)Megha, KB; Swathi, S; Joseph, X; Vandana, U; Mohanan, PV
Jan-2022Development and Evaluation of Expandable Brain Retractor with Tunable Expansion RatioPrajapati, AK; Vilanilam, GC; Muraleedharan, CV
May-2022Nanobiomaterials in support of drug delivery related issuesJoseph, X; Akhil, V; Arathi, A; Mohanan, PV
Jun-2018A comparison of various methods of blood sampling in mice and rats: Effects on animal welfareHarikrishnan, VS; Hansen, AK; Abelson, KSP; Sørensen, DB
Jul-2019A novel technique to develop thoracic spinal laminectomy and a methodology to assess the functionality and welfare of the contusion spinal cord injury (SCI) rat model.Harikrishnan, VS; Krishnan, LK; Abelson, KSP
Dec-2020Design and Evaluation of Chitra Swab Collection Booths for Health Professionals in COVID-19 PandemicPrajapati, AK; Nair, SS; Venkatesan, RB; Muraleedharan, CV; Kishore, A
Jul-2021Refinement of the spinal cord injury rat model and validation of its applicability as a model for memory loss and chronic painHarikrishnan, VS; Palekkodan, H; Fasaluddeen, A; Krishnan, LK; Abelson, KSP
Jan-2022Knee Implant Price CappingPrajapati, AK
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3444