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Title: Disseminated intra-cerebral microabscesses: a clinico-pathologic study.
Authors: Radhakrishnan, V V
Saraswathy, A
Rout, D
Mohan, P K
Keywords: Pathology
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Indian journal of pathology & microbiology
Citation: Indian journal of pathology & microbiology. 37; 2; 171-8
Abstract: In this retrospective study, clinical and neuropathological features were analysed in eight patients with disseminated intracerebral microabscesses. All the patients presented with clinical features, suggestive of an encephalopathic process of an acute onset. Neuroradiological and laboratory investigations were not helpful in establishing the diagnosis in any patient during their hospital stay. All the eight patients died in the hospital and at autopsy disseminated intracerebral microabscesses were the most striking feature. In two patients hyphae of Candida albicans were demonstrated within the microabscesses. Gram negative bacilli in two patients and gram positive and gram positive cocci in one patient were demonstrated in the microabscesses. Disseminated intra-cerebral microabscesses are usually an unrecognised manifestation of central nervous system infections and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of patients with encephalopathy of unknown aetiology.
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