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dc.contributorMohanan, PV-
dc.contributorRathinam, K-
dc.identifier.citationVETERINARY AND HUMAN TOXICOLOGY. 38; 6; 427-428en_US
dc.description.abstractThe present study evaluated the induction of micronuclear potency of indigenously developed bone wax saline extract. The experiment was designed with 2 batches, each consisting of 8 groups with 3 male Swiss albino mice each. In each batch, the first 3 groups received Chitra's bone wax saline extract and the second 3 groups received Johnson & Johnson bone wax saline extract at 12.5, 25.0 or 50.0 ml/kg body weight ip for 2 d. The remaining 2 groups were vehicle (saline) and positive (cyclophosphamide) controls. Animals were sacrificed 24 and 36 h after the second dosing and bone marrow smears were prepared and evaluated for micronuclei. The Chitra's and Johnson & Johnson's bone wax extracts failed to induce micronuclei in bone marrow erythrocytes of mice.-
dc.subjectExperimental Medicine-
dc.titleEffect of bone wax extract on the frequency of bone marrow erythrocyte micronuclei in mice-
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