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Title: Effect of fabrication, sterilization and mediators--blood compatibility of polyurethanes.
Authors: Sunny, M C
Sharma, C P
Keywords: Biocompatibility
Issue Date: 1992
Publisher: Journal of biomaterials applications
Citation: Journal of biomaterials applications. 6; 3; 261-73
Abstract: The possible changes in the surface and physical properties of polyether urethane urea (PEUU) implants, including their interaction with blood, due to the different preparation methods, sterilization techniques and long term storage in different environmental conditions have been investigated by conducting the studies of mechanical properties, contact angle, platelet adhesion and protein adsorption. Considerable variations in the mechanical properties have been observed for the PEUU grafts stored in different conditions. Changes in platelet adhesion and albumin adsorption have also been observed in the case of samples that underwent different sterilization methods. The effect of mediators like bromelain, an enzyme present in pineapple juice, on albumin adsorption and platelet adhesion on PEUU surfaces have been investigated. It seems the presence of pineapple juice increases the adsorption of albumin and reduces the adhesion of platelets on PEUU surfaces.
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