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Title: Employment concerns of people with epilepsy in Kerala, south India
Authors: Varma, Nisha P.
Sylaja, Padmavathy N.
George, Lincy
Sarma, P. Sankara
Radhakrishnan, Kurupath
Keywords: Neurology
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: EPILEPSY & BEHAVIOR. 10; 2; 250-254
Abstract: We examined current employment status, reasons for unemployment.. and related psychosocial concerns of 202 persons with epilepsy from the south Indian state of Kerala. Compared with 19% of the general population, 58% of persons with epilepsy were unemployed. Seizure remission for >= 2 years, monotherapy, better education, ability to travel alone, and ability to drive were significantly associated with being employed. More than three-fourths of the persons with epilepsy had disclosed their epilepsy to their employers and co-workers, which did not adversely affect employment for the majority. The unemployed perceived fear of having seizures and seizure-related falls in the workplace, inadequate education, and antiepileptic drug-induced fatigue as reasons for unemployment. We conclude that unemployment is a major concern of people with epilepsy in this developing region. In addition to optimum seizure control, persons with epilepsy need support in job seeking, in reducing fear of seizures and falls in the workplace, and in identifying their individual abilities and limitations. (c) 2006 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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