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Title: Fully injectable calcium phosphate cement--a promise to dentistry.
Authors: Komath, Manoj
Varma, H K
Keywords: Biomaterials
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Indian journal of dental research : official publication of Indian Society for Dental Research
Citation: Indian journal of dental research : official publication of Indian Society for Dental Research. 15; 3; 89-95
Abstract: Calcium phosphate cements (CPC) are self setting and biocompatible bone substitute materials with potential applications in dentistry. However, its clinical use has been challenged by poor rheological properties. A novel formulation of CPC has been developed, which gives a fully injectable and cohesive paste. This work investigates the suitability of the new "fully injectable calcium phosphate cement" (FI-CPC) for dental applications. The cementing properties, material characteristics, and the rheological properties were tested using a battery of material characteristics methods. The biocompatibility was also evaluated as per ISO 7405. The setting time (20 min) and compressive strength (>11 Mpa) of FI-CPC satisfy the clinical requirements. It underwent setting without any exothermic reaction, keeping good dimensional stability. The cement paste could be extruded through a 18-gauge needle, easily and fully. It showed excellent cohesion when immersed in water. FI-CPC was seen to set into a micro-porous mass of hydroxyapatite, the mineral part of human dentin. It showed good attachment to dentin walls, when filled in tooth perforations. FI-CPC was found non-toxic, non-allergic, non-pyrogenic, and soft-tissue compatible. The study shows that FI-CPC provides a self setting bio-compatible paste with excellent rheological properties for surgical applications. The set cement provides good and stable sealing. The osteoconductive property is an added advantage. FI-CPC proves to be an ideal material for endodontic sealing/filling and periodontic repair.
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