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Title: Grafting of synthetic polyelectrolyte onto polymer surfaces--comparison of glow discharge and 60Co-gamma-irradiation method.
Authors: Hari, P R
Sharma, C P
Keywords: Biomaterials
Issue Date: 1990
Publisher: Journal of biomaterials applications
Citation: Journal of biomaterials applications. 5; 1; 20-6
Abstract: Water soluble polyelectrolyte synthesised from natural rubber contains sulfamate and carboxylate groups similar to that of heparin. It is observed that synthetic heparinoid polyelectrolyte is capable of inhibiting blood coagulation. In the present study, we attempted to graft the same onto polystyrene and polymethylmethacrylate surfaces using glow discharge technique and 60Co-gamma-irradiation method, and the surfaces were compared with respect to water contact angle and platelet adhesion parameters. Heparinised surfaces are also evaluated for relative comparison.
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