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Title: Percutaneous mitral commissurotomy in a case of mirror-image dextrocardia and rheumatic mitral stenosis.
Authors: Namboodiri, Narayanan
Harikrishnan, Sivadasan Pillai
Ajitkumar, Valaparambil
Tharakan, Jaganmohan Achuthan
Keywords: Cardiology
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: The Journal of invasive cardiology
Citation: The Journal of invasive cardiology. 20; 1; E33-5
Abstract: A 43-year-old male with mirror-image dextrocardia and severe rheumatic mitral stenosis was subjected to successful percutaneous transvenous mitral commissurotomy (PTMC). The standard Inoue technique was modified by transseptal catheterization via the left femoral vein, image inversion, delineation of the interatrial septal anatomy via levophase pulmonary angiography, septal contrast staining and pigtail catheter insertion in the noncoronary aortic sinus, interatrial septal puncture with the transseptal needle rotated to a 7 o'clock position and left ventricular entry with a reverse loop technique. There were no procedural complications. Intracardiac pressures and mitral valvular planimetry suggested a successful procedural outcome. This case illustrates that PTMC can be accomplished safely in patients with this unusual cardiac anatomy with a few modifications in the standard technique.
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