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Title: Primary pulmonary hypertension: natural history and prognostic factors.
Authors: Rajasekhar, D
Balakrishnan, K G
Venkitachalam, C G
Tharakan, J A
Titus, T
Subramanian, R
Kumar, V K
Bhat, A
Pillai, V R
Keywords: Cardiology
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Indian heart journal
Citation: Indian heart journal. 46; 3; 165-70
Abstract: A retrospective cohort study was carried out in 61 patients (30 males, 31 females, age 24.6 +/- 11.8 years) with primary pulmonary hypertension diagnosed by strict clinical and hemodynamic criteria, to obtain an understanding of the natural history and prognostic markers. While 15 patients were alive, 46 patients (76%) had expired during the follow up period. Two, five and ten years survivals were 48%, 32% and 12% respectively. Median survival duration from time of diagnosis was 22 months. The survivors had significantly higher age of onset, cardiac index and significantly lower right atrial mean pressure, right ventricular end diastolic pressure, cardiothoracic ratio from chest rontgenogram and calculated pulmonary vascular resistance as compared to non survivors. While pulmonary artery systolic pressure was not significantly different, pulmonary artery diastolic and pulmonary artery mean pressures were significantly lower in survivors than in non-survivors. Lower New York Heart Association class, right atrial mean pressure < or = 7 mm Hg, right ventricular end diastolic pressure < or = 10 mmHg, cardiac index > 2.5 L/min/m2, pulmonary arterial oxygen saturation > 60%, were associated with significantly longer survival. The degree of pulmonary arterial hypertension had an indirect prognostic effect through the above parameters. Vasodilator therapy did not significantly alter the outcome of patients with primary pulmonary hypertension.
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