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Title: Cell Image Segmentation and Color Coding based on Nucleus to Cell Ratio
Authors: John, J
Nair, MS
Wilsey, M
Kumar, PRA
Keywords: Engineering; Telecommunications
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: ,;-
Abstract: Biomedical analysis is a highly challenging area where lot of research activities is going on. Many automated biomedical image processing procedures have cell segmentation as its first step. Manual methods for this purpose are imprecise, tedious and highly subjective. Hence, novel automated methods are necessary. Analysis of cells includes segmenting the cells as well as computing the area of cell and nucleus. The nucleus to cellular ratio is crucial in determining the type of cells as well as detecting cancerous or damaged cells. In this paper, we propose a novel method to segment nucleus and cell and color code the cells based on their increasing nucleus to cellular ratio. Our tool will help scientists analyze biomedical images in a much better and efficient manner. The results of the proposed method have been compared with the most popular interactive image analysis tool ImageJ. The results obtained using our method is visually more appealing and easier for analysis.
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