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Title: Cerebral myxomatous angiopathy. Imaging features
Authors: Sonwalkar, HA
Gupta, AK
Varma, DR
Purkayastha, S
Bodhey, N
Kesavadas, C
Keywords: Neurosciences & Neurology; Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: 17 ,4;558-560
Abstract: Strokes due to embolization from a cardiac myxoma are rare. Myxomatous cerebral emboli can cause occlusion of intracranial vessels or oncotic aneurysm formation. We describe a case of cardiac myxoma presenting with stroke having bilateral cerebral infarct and oncotic aneurysm formation. Myxomatous emboli have characteristic CT, MR and angiography findings, which are well seen in this case. The pathogenesis, imaging features, clinical presentation and natural history are discussed.
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