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Title: Chitosan, a drug carrier for the 21st century: a review
Authors: Paul, W
Sharma, CP
Keywords: Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: 10 ,1;5-22
Abstract: Chitosan, a polysaccharide with structural characteristics similar to glycosamino glycan, was studied for various biomedical applications including membranes in hemodialysis, artificial skin or bioactive wound dressings, as an excipient in drug delivery systems as a matrix in perfusion columns and as a material possessing hemostatic potential to promote nerve growth. Chitosan is, in fact, prescribed for obesity since it is an excellent fat binder. With these multiple applications, chitosan - a biodegradable and naturally available material - will emerge as a household name and as an important biomedical material of the 21(st) century. In this paper, we aim to present the various drug delivery applications of this interesting biopolymer.
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