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Title: Protein adsorption--effect of external lubricants at the interface.
Authors: Hari, P R
Sharma, C P
Keywords: Biocompatibility
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: Journal of biomaterials applications
Citation: Journal of biomaterials applications. 7; 4; 375-81
Abstract: Upon exposure to blood, rapid adsorption of proteins is the initial event at the contacting surface, followed by the adhesion of platelets and other blood components. Surfaces absorbing albumin appear to possess antithrombotic character in discouraging adhesion of platelets. Therefore, for the development of a blood contacting device, the interfacial events are extremely important and need serious investigation. We have attempted to observe the variations in competitive adsorption of fibrinogen and albumin onto the polyetherurethane urea (PEUU) surface in the presence of external lubricant, such as calcium stearate and silicone fluid coating. It seems, in the presence of such mediators, that fibrinogen adsorption is increased relatively with reduction in albumin at the surface.
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