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Title: Controlled release of ferric-magnesium ions from chitosan polyethylene vinyl acetate comatrix for preventing pericardial calcification
Authors: Vasudev, SC
Chandy, T
Keywords: Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Issue Date: 1999
Citation: 6 ,2;117-126
Abstract: Ferric and magnesium ions mere embedded in chitosan/polyethylene vinyl acetate comatrix to develop a prolonged release form. The in vitro release profiles of these ions from the comatrix system were monitored in Tris-HCl buffer, pH 7.4, using an ultraviolet (UV) spectrophotometer. The amount of Fe3+ and Mg2+ ions released was initially much higher, followed by a constant slow release profile for a prolonged period, The initial burst release was substantially modified with glutaraldehyde cross-linking of chitosan beads and subsequent styrene butadiene (SBR) coatings on the comatrix. Prostaglandin Fl was immobilized on this matrix via free-radical mechanisms, using Nz plasma to improve their biocompatibility. From scanning electron microscopy studies it appears that the Fe3+/Mg2+ ions diffuse out slowly to the dissolution medium through the micropores of the comatrix. The released Fe3+/Mg2+ ions from the comatrix system had substantially inhibited the pericardial tissue associated calcification, in an in vitro model system. The result proposes the possibility of delivering drug combinations having synergestic effects for therapeutic applications.
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