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Title: Effect of gamma-radiation sterilization on the stability of polyurethane potting compounds based on castor oil SMDI and caprolactone polyol SMDI, used for hollow fibre haemodialyzer
Authors: Jayabalan, M
Lizymol, PP
Keywords: Materials Science
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: 20 ,5;727-735
Abstract: Stability of polyurethane potting compounds based on castor oil/SMDI and caprolactone polyol/SMDI in repeated gamma radiation sterilization was studied. Radiation-induced degradation and leaching of low molecular weight fragments are higher in castor oil based polyurethane than in caprolactone polyol based polyurethane. For castor oil and caprolactone polyol based polyurethanes degradation increases up to 5 Mrad dose of sterilization. Further increase of dose of sterilization decreases leaching in caprolactone polyol based polyurethane which has resulted from secondary reactions leading to crosslinking. In the case of castor oil based polyurethane such crosslinks undergo cleavage at 10 Mrad dose of sterilization.
URI: 10.1007/BF02745082
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