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Title: Effect of polyacid on the properties of polyalkenoate cements
Authors: Krishnan, VK
Sreekumar, J
Keywords: Science & Technology - Other Topics
Issue Date: 1996
Citation: 70 ,8;730-733
Abstract: Four polyacids were prepared by reacting acrylic acid with itaconic and maleic acids at different ratios and these were treated with a fluoroalumino calcium silicate glass to form polyalkenoate cements. The effect of working and setting times of the glass ionomer upon variation of the polyacid content in the liquid has been studied. Mechanical properties such as compressive strength and diametral tensile strength were found to increase sharply upon increase in polyacid concentration, The monomer ratio in the polyacid was also found to be critical in determining the final properties of the dental material.
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