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Title: Effect of temporary vascular occulsion during surgery of cerebral aneursyms
Authors: Rout, D
Nambiar, U
Misra, BK
Rout, A
Keywords: Neurosciences & Neurology
Issue Date: 1996
Citation: 44 ,1;1-5
Abstract: Temporary vascular occulsion during surgery fog cerebral aneursyms has been slow to gain acceptance as an elective procedure, This study presents the outcome in 115 cases in whom temporary vascular occulsion was needed during aneurysmal surgery, Elective temporary clipping was used in 55 cases and emergency temporary vascular occulsion was performed in 60 cases, Judicious use of temporary clips did not increase the overall morbidity or mortality, Rescue temporary clipping as an emergency measure in the face of intraoperative rupture has a deleterious effect as against elective use on the immediate as well as long term outcome of the patient, Use of elective temporary clipping in conjunction with adequate cerebral protective measures is advocated in difficult cases to facilitate definitive clipping of the aneursym in order to improve the overall outcome.
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