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Title: Ferric iron-containing molecularly imprinted polymer as an adsorbent for cholesterol
Authors: Sreenivasan, K
Sivakumar, R
Keywords: Chemistry; Engineering
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: 21 ,3;261-268
Abstract: Molecular imprinting is an elegant approach to the synthesis of polymers with predetermined recognition properties, the technique of molecular imprinting involving arranging the functional monomers around the print molecules prior to polymerisation. Molecularly imprinted polymers (MlPs) show a remarkable ability to bind print molecule from a mixture of entities which are close in structure. One of the serious drawbacks of MlPs is their low adsorption capacity and one approach to improving this relies on the use of chemically modified monomers in the synthesis of the MlPs. This report discusses the synthesis and evaluation of an MIP based on ferric acrylate as an adsorbent for cholesterol.
URI: 10.1260/026361703322404403
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