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Title: Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles with Zingiber officinale extract: Characterization and blood compatibility
Authors: Kumar, KP
Paul, W
Sharma, CP
Keywords: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Engineering
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: 46 ,10;2007-2013
Abstract: Biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles with small size and biostability is very important and used in various biomedical applications. There are lot of reports for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles by the addition of reducing agent and stabilizing agent. In the present study we have synthesized gold nanoparticles, with a particle size ranging from 5 to 15 nm, using Zingiber officinale extract which acts both as reducing and stabilizing agent. Z. officinale extract is reported to be a more potent anti-platelet agent than aspirin. Therefore, green synthesis of gold nanoparticles with Z. officinale extract, as an alternative to chemical synthesis, is beneficial from its biological and medical applications point of view, because of its good blood biocompatibility and physiological stability. The formation and size distribution of gold nanoparticles were confirmed by dynamic light scattering (DLS), UV-vis spectrophotometer and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Gold nanoparticles synthesized using citrate and Z. officinale extract demonstrated very low protein adsorption. Both nanoparticles were non platelet activating and non complement activating on contact with whole human blood. They also did not aggregate other blood cells, however, nanoparticles synthesised with Z. officinale extract was highly stable at physiological condition compared to citrate capped nanoparticles, which aggregated. Thus the usage of nanoparticles, synthesized with Z. officinale extract, as vectors for the applications in drug delivery, gene delivery or as biosensors, where a direct contact with blood occurs is justified. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
URI: 10.1016/j.procbio.2011.07.011
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