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Title: Retrograde cerebral perfusion for treatment of air embolism after valve surgery.
Authors: Gadhinglajkar, Shrinivas Vitthal
Sankarkumar, R
Rupa, Sreedhar
Keywords: Critical Care
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Asian cardiovascular & thoracic annals
Citation: Asian cardiovascular & thoracic annals. 12; 1; 81-2
Abstract: Air embolism occurred after termination of cardiopulmonary bypass in a 22-year-old man undergoing aortic valve replacement for rheumatic aortic insufficiency. Normothermic retrograde cerebral perfusion was instituted for 5 min at a flow rate of 300-500 mL.min(-1), maintaining internal jugular vein pressure < 25 mmHg. The aortic cannula was declamped intermittently for 5-10 seconds. Mean arterial pressure was kept at 60-70 mmHg. The patient recovered without any neurological deficit.
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