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dc.contributor.authorJoseph, R-
dc.contributor.authorMartyn, MT-
dc.contributor.authorTanner, KE-
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dc.identifier.citation29 ,1;85-89en_US
dc.description.abstractEffect of filler addition and temperature on the stick-slip transition in high density polyethylene melt was studied. Results showed that shear stresses corresponding to stick-slip transition increases with the addition of filler. Increase in temperature also increases the shear stresses for stick-slip transition. The features of the flow curves of composites and that of unfilled system remain identical. Filler addition lowers the shear rate at which the transition occurs. The composite extrudate did not show characteristic extrudate distortions associated with the unfilled polymer.-
dc.subjectMaterials Science-
dc.titleInterfacial stick-slip transition in hydroxyapatite filled high density polyethylene composite-
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